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Bob & Sink 


A short film by Zoë Irvine and Pernille Spence.

Bob & Sink follows the journey of a group of oranges through rivers, burns and over waterfalls.

Reminiscent of the peloton of cyclists (the main pack) in the tour de France we watch the oranges describe the flow of body of water, its course, its velocity as they rush downstream.

The oranges bump along, meet with obstacles, move around them and progress on their way. Visually surprising, their bright orange skins meet the greeny, grey, blue of the water and landscape they are moving through. They are a foreign body, buoyant and immersed, but separate, in suspension, floating in community, swirling through pools, bouncing down waterfalls and disappearing into tunnels and underground channels only to re-emerge further downstream. Gravity pulls them on. They are heading for the sea, but they never get there. They are perpetually in motion.


Code Orange

A poem written by Raman Mundair in response to Bob & Sink

Thank you to Rob Page for camera and to the orange catching team;

Daisy Page, Poppy Page, Bert Young, Logan Young & Morris Young. 

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