Decision Time 

Decision Time was an exhibition with a series of performances, talks and dialogues curated in collaboration with artist, Zoë Irvine, where we invited artists to explore and consider decision-making processes with in the context of the Scottish Referendum on independence.  


As time progressed towards the referendum people were increasingly engaged and 

debate abounded.  When striving for objective knowledge to evaluate and base our decisions on, we were confronted with subjective reasoning, hopes and fears.  


Decision Time brought together works that explored, often playfully, 

individual processes, reflections and conclusions.  Just like other members of the public, artists researched, expressed their preferences, beliefs, feelings, affiliations, confusions and decisions.


The exhibition existed in the week before the historic referendum on 

Scottish independence took place.  


The show was not party political, although there were different views 

expressed in some of the works.  Decision Time was a celebration of the process of choosing, the act of deciding and the possible consequences of those choices at that very moment in Scotland.

Link to Decision Time booklet

Decision Time was curated by Zoë Irvine & Pernille Spence in collaboration 5 Million Questions at the University of Dundee.

Out oy My Hands, performance devised by Joe Coghill

Clear Stripes, a performance by Richard Layzell

My Daughter's Oil Rig, by Iain Sturrock

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose (The more things change, the more they stay the same. J-B Karr, Les Guêpes, January 1849) by Liz Skulina

Open Dialogue - Faith and Reason by Jonathan Baxter

Tomes of Destiny by Nigel Johnson

Decision Chimes by Zoë Irvine

The Thing Is by Anton Beaver

Chancer by Kathy Watts

Two Men Speaking About One Thing by Alan Brown

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