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NaCl is a performance that explores ideas around the failing body in a society where we are living longer.  


In an extreme attempt at preservation, the body was buried in over one ton of salt.  Salt (NaCl) was specifically chosen as it has been a vital part of medicine for thousands of years, often used for healing purposes, as well as being one of the earliest used minerals for preservation purposes.  Throughout history salt has often symbolised life itself.  The body’s basic physiological functions depend on a balance between salts and liquids in the body.  In NaCl, the constant shower of salt gives the appearance of a spiritual, ritual healing but in reality, as it builds up around the body, it immediately begins to draw the body’s fluids to the surface until eventually all life is sucked from the disappearing figure.

Devised, performed & edited by Pernille Spence

Camera by Gregg Allen, Stewart Petri & Anna McLauchlan

NaCl was originally performed ‘to camera’ in 1995 but was developed for a ‘live’ performance at the Bluecoat in Liverpool on the 4th February 2012.

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